Sense8 Teaser Reaction – Here We Go Again…


Alek: Oh…The Wachowskis…will you burn me again? The Wachowskis made their mark on the cinema landscape with The Matrix…at the time, it was innovative…mind-warping…and the perfect movie for any sci-fi nerd in high school. That movie gave the Wachowskis so much credibility within nerd community that we were initially blind to flaws of the rest of the trilogy. But with […]

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Daredevil – Series Review


Alek: So the plan was to do an episode by episode review of Daredevil (similar to what we’re doing with Powers right now)…and then I watched first episode…then the next one…and before I knew it…the final credits were rolling on Episode 13. Whoops. Suffice it to say – I enjoyed the series. =) Initially, I really didn’t have high hopes […]

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