San Diego Comic-Con 2015 – (Belated) Movie Trailer Reaction Extravaganza!


We understand that we’re a little behind in the game…but better late (with an angry rant) than never (and silently fume)! Boooooooooooonnnnngggg! (I know that others have made fun of that noise, so it’s almost become cliched and hacky to comment on it…but c’mon trailer-makers…please stop using the Inception gong. We get it…things are exciting.) So in my initial review […]

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Wally West is my Flash


I hate Barry Allen. And I’m not using “hate” in the way that is typically used in the over-emphatic, superficial, trolling-oriented internet social paradigm. (Of which, I’m sure both John and I have been guilty.) But I’m talking about the true hate that lives in one’s soul until you’re on your deathbed and the priest, performing Last Rites, asks you […]

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