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Alek Bituin

Full-time management consultant.  Part-time stand-up comedian.  And wish-there-was-more-time-in-the-day writer.  Alek Bituin is obviously a man with no sense of direction.  Thankfully, he has comic books (that’s right comic books…not graphic novels…geek pride) to keep him sane.  In high school, he gave a speech in his class about how comic books were the perfect medium for telling stories and nothing over the past 25 years of literary sentience has dissuaded him from that opinion.  Originally from California, he moved to New York City with the dreams of being a creative force.  Somehow he ended up with an MBA and thousands of dollars of student loans.  Whoops.


John Kim

After John Kim realized his art skills were not good enough to be picked up by a studio, he decided to try and become a superhero rather than draw them.  He has trained in martial arts and competed internationally while proudly boasting he has been beaten by the best.  After earning a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and starting a career as a consultant, John took a temporary break to serve in the US Army as a combat engineer officer.  Now that his service is over, he has earned his MBA and works as a strategy consultant specializing in digital media strategy.  John has not given up his dream of becoming a superhero and is still trying to nail a back flip after landing on his head twice (so far…).

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