Is it too good a year for Star Wars?


D23 just ended and a lot of cool news came out of it. Clips from Civil War and still from Doctor Strange were shown. Very cool. I’m pretty excited for both because Civil War is an event I actually liked and Doc Strange is supposed to be pretty dark. Some games were shown. I don’t get the fascination around Kingdom Hearts III. The previous games are ok I guess. I just don’t see why people want it so bad. To each their own. I want to talk about all the Star Wars news…

In case you didn’t know, D23 is a biennial expo that celebrates all things Disney. It began in 2009 and the fourth just ended. I believe they have all taken place in Anaheim, CA, but I’m too lazy to take the time to look it up. I think that sentence took longer to type than to search, but I digress. The “D” is for Disney and “23” refers 1923, the year Walt Disney started his coming empire. On to the main topic…

First let’s tackle, Star Wars Battlefront. Damn, that looks so cool. I wish there was a single player story mode, but wow, it looks so amazing. The aerial combat had me thinking of the X-Wing and Tie Fighter flight simulator series when I was a kid. Those were so much fun. This isn’t the same of course, but it looks like a blast. Not sure if I’ll pick it up since I’m more of a gaming hermit and prefer gaming solo, but this looks like a solid game to pick up.

I think that’s worth a couple rides and a Mos Eisley Cantina themed restaurant with the usual shops.

Second, there was a bunch more movie hype. All was to be expected although I was surprised to see Harrison Ford make an appearance at the expo. He’s been pretty aloof when it comes to connecting himself to his work on the original trilogy. I like his work and I can understand his reluctance to be type cast or locked into sci-fi genre work, but his recent change of attitude seems a bit weird. Almost self-serving? I don’t know, but it feels ever so slightly disingenuous. Ehh, maybe I’m being too nit-picky. Regardless, I’m quite optimistic on the new trilogy. The cast photo for Rogue One looked really cool. I loved hearing about the additions of Jiang Wen and Donnie Yen. Sweet…Alan Tudyk in the cast was super cool, too. Overall, lots of exciting news.

Finally, there will be a new Star Wars land to be built in both Disneyland and Disney World. It will be about 14 acres which turns out to be about 15 football fields. I think that’s worth a couple rides and a Mos Eisley Cantina themed restaurant with the usual shops. I hope that’s true for both theme parks. I’m stoked for that as well since I love Disney World.

I think that’s my problem. There’s too much news. There are so many Star Wars things coming out, games, movies (6 in total), comics, and cartoons. Is this too much? I feel like the superhero movie slate is way too much and will get audiences jaded to it all. I have a feeling that this could happen to Star Wars as well. I’d rather the news machine goes dark until the movie is released. There’s just too much of it going through nerd channels and I’m worried it will take away from the legendary status the original trilogy holds. That said, I’m going to see if I can get opening night tickets for Force Awakens…

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