I hate my PS4 and Xbox One…


I want shorter games on my consoles. I want games that are cheaper than $60. Why do games boast of being 50 hours long? Are children or teens without jobs the only customers for games now? Am I too old? Why do my knees hurt for no reason?

I‘ve been in a gaming rut for quite a while. I can’t seem to find a game that will keep my attention long enough to play for more than a day or two. More often than not, I will have a one day marathon session with a new game and it will fall by the wayside to collect dust on the shelf. Don’t get me wrong. I love gaming, but something has changed lately. I guess I’m older now. There are too many things vying for my attention. Family, work, friends, life, sleep… There are just too many things I need to do. There are even more that I want to do. A mediocre gaming experience isn’t high on my list.

Many triple A games boast of 30 to 40 hour experiences. Some more with DLC. This used to be something I would wait eagerly for as a kid. As an adult, not so much. Let’s think of what a 30 hour game could turn into. That’s about 15 movie nights. I spend about $15 for tickets and the subway ride to get to the movie. A soda and candy would add another $10 easily so the game is incredible value, but let’s think of the time frame rather than just the time. There are lots of highs and lows throughout the journey, but the eventual payoff for a game based on story telling would come at the end of the 30 hours. Considering that I am unable to dedicate 2 hours of gaming every night, this becomes an ordeal to play. It could take months before I reach that conclusion so I get lost and detached from the experience.

There are just too many things I need to do. A mediocre gaming experience isn’t high on my list.

There are exceptions to the case. In recent memory, there are three games into which I have invested my time; The Last of Us, Destiny, and Journey. The Last of Us was a stand out. It almost made me shed a tear in its opening cinematics. The ending made me question myself and what I would do in Joel’s situation. Following along the story was a pleasure from start to finish. This game will be the greatest game I have ever played. Yes, there were amazing games I played as a kid, but compared to the impact those had, TLoU wins by a fair margin. Destiny… was a mess. Yes, I sank way too many hours into it. It was fun while it lasted. Then it got repetitive and boring. ‘Nuff said about that. Journey was about an hour and a half in length. It was beautiful in visuals. The storytelling was awesome. It was a perfect game for me. I need more like these. I’m leaning more to indie games these days because of this.

There have been a few other games I’ve purchased, but I’ve only completed TLoU. Because of the length of the big budget, Triple A medium, if isn’t a top-notch experience, I probably won’t be able to complete it.

I know the usage metrics say games like Destiny are commercial winners, but isn’t there a market for the space between traditional big name games and indie developed ones? What about a 10 hour experience that is incredible for $30? Or a 20 hour game for $40? It seems strange that there are basically 2 tiers of games, the $60 and ~$10 games. This is a medium that isn’t controlled by ticket pricing and digital distribution is relatively accepted. I know PC gaming is much better about this, but the console landscape should be on par.

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