San Diego Comic-Con 2015 – (Belated) Movie Trailer Reaction Extravaganza!


We understand that we’re a little behind in the game…but better late (with an angry rant) than never (and silently fume)!

Boooooooooooonnnnngggg! (I know that others have made fun of that noise, so it’s almost become cliched and hacky to comment on it…but c’mon trailer-makers…please stop using the Inception gong. We get it…things are exciting.)

So in my initial review of the Fantastic Four trailer, I had a myriad of issues…centered mainly around the casting of Micheal B. Jordan as Johnny Storm. I even snarkily said “maybe they’ll hammer it home ironically – ‘this is Johnny, my adopted black brother’ – well, it seems the creators have slapped me in the face on this one. As they’ve made Sue the (what I assume) to be the “adopted” one and they’ve stressed what makes the Fantastic Four a unique comic amongst the rest – they’ve made it about family. (One of the voiceover lines in the trailer was actually – “we are a family.”) And oddly enough, that’s enough to satisfy me as a fan and enough to make me genuinely excited about this movie.

Since it seems like they’re going down the path of a younger Fantastic Four who are learning to deal with their powers, this feels very much like the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic from a few years ago. I was a fan of that run and I hope that I’ll end up being a fan of this movie as well.

And let’s not forget…DOOM! It’s unfortunate that Doom isn’t part of the main Marvel Cinematic Universe, since he’s really the only major villain in the Marvel Universe (that’s Earth-based). Although his origin and most of his stories are tied to the Fantastic Four, Doom is on a level where he should only be challenged by the heavy hitters. I guess all I can hope for is that Fox suffers from an email hack as well and ends up selling the rights to their Marvel characters as a way to make some quick cash. (Your move Chinese/North Korean/Russian hackers..)

I don’t want to be too excited about…

…but this looks f’ing awesome.

The comic book universe has wanted Ryan Reynolds to play the Merc with a Mouth for years now (Wolverine: Origins doesn’t count…that has scrubbed from all movie history)…I think it meets our ridiculously high expectations. We haven’t really had the “comedy” superhero movie yet – we’ve sprinkled in some sarcastic lines in Avengers movies and every now and then Thor gets to be funny – but this seems like the first superhero movie whose focus is comedy and not on the action. (It’s also a movie about a mercenary, so there will obviously be action…but it seems it’ll be more in the vein of Archer.) We need a movie that’s not going to take itself too seriously…and this just might be it.

“Please don’t make the super-suit green…or animated!”

So after all of the “leaked photos”, we finally get to see if all the fuss around Suicide Squad is worth it. From a pure trailer review perspective, I actually thought it was well done (it was my favorite of the trailers in this blog post) – the music was haunting, the visuals were well timed, and we were rewarded with the big reveal of Jared Leto as the Joker…

…the substance of the trailer itself though was a bit lacking. Do I really want to see Will Smith in another action movie? When Deadshot says “let’s go save the world”…I kind of lost all faith in this movie. Since these are b-list characters, I was looking forward to a superhero movie that broke the formula a bit (i.e., Guardians of the Galaxy). Without shadow of the “DC big 3” looming over this movie, I wanted it to take some risks and just be as out there as Guardians was. Unfortunately, with Will Smith as the lead, it seems as if might get the same old movie…just with darker lighting.

I guess all we can hope for is that Jared Leto’s Joker makes the movie as weird as possible. His line at the end of the trailer fell a bit flat though…instead of Joker crazy, it just came off as unoriginal crazy. Given the title of the movie, let’s just hope Joker wins and we get to reset the cast for the inevitable sequel.

It’s hard to watch this trailer and not be bombarded with the message of “we’re building our universe too…we’re building our universe too…see, we’re just as good as the Avengers”. Whereas the growth Marvel Cinematic Universe seemed well-thought out, yet organic…DC’s attempts just seem so forced. It’s like they’re trying to shoehorn everything in…as quickly as they can…so that they can capitalize on the Superhero Wave before it crests. (We may have reached that point already by the way…as Avengers: Age of Ultron didn’t reach its lofty expectations.) I’m still rooting for this movie though…more as a movie than as a “franchise”. My biggest worry about this movie is that they’re going to be so focused on building up the universe and setting up the sequels, that they’re going to neglect the main story. It’s Batman v. Superman…you have to try really really hard to f*ck that up (…but I’m sure DC is going to try!).

Merchandise I’m Looking Forward To From This Movie
1. Dead Zod (in)Action Figure! Complete with body bag!
2. Undercover Desert Storm Batman – because the best disguise is a trench coat.
3. Robbed and Murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne…because we needed to be reminded yet again of Batman’s origin story.
4. Lex Luther Wig! (What were they going for here with Jesse Eisenberg’s look…were they just trying to make it as obvious as possible that Luthor is gong to be bald by the end of the movie?)
5. Ben Affleck Batman/Bruce Wayne in “holding a wounded or dead body” pose – interchangeable bodies include: Robin, random little girl on the street, his marriage to Jennifer Garner…collect them all!
6. Superman (in)Action Figure! It comes with no points of articulation – just like how Henry Cavill plays Superman!

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