Powers Episode #10 Review – “F@#k the Big Chiller”


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Alek: “This is the end…my only friend the end.”

After watching a series like Powers, you start to wonder how else you’ve wasted your life. These 10 hours of viewing (plus another 10 hours of blogging) were valuable hours of my life that could have spent doing anything else. Was it worth it? I really don’t know…

…but let’s try to answer that at the end of this review.

So this is it…the big confrontation that they’ve been building towards over the past nine episodes. With Wolfe on the loose, it’s up to the ineffective Powers division, our favorite cosplaying drunk Triphammer, and a locked up Johnny Royalle. Hmm…I wonder what the plan is going to be? One of biggest complaints about this show is just how predictable it is – the plot has lurched forward and telegraphed all of the major “twists.” Really the only thing that was surprising out of the season (not counting the final scene…which we’ll get to in a moment), was the eventual reveal that Calista had similar powers to Wolfe. Her “emptiness” and longing to be a power were essentially the “hunger” that Wolfe had described as his reason for being. Everything else essentially played out according to expectations – Walker not receiving his powers and become “at peace” with it, Calista eventually gaining her powers, Johnny Royalle being a hero, etc. There was a status quo that this season was driving towards…and in the final scene I think we reached it.

My complaint throughout the first season was how weak Walker was compared to the comic book version. In the comics, Walker has accepted this loss of powers and his a fully functioning detective within the Powers division. As this season progressed, it seemed as if Walker’s pitiful yearning for his powers would be his one defining character trait. For someone who read the comics, this season was just an tortuous desecration of the source material. And yet…with the final scene – a murdered Retro Girl with Kaotic Chic painted around here – I wonder if the series will start to resemble the source material more and more. “Who Killed Retro Girl” was the first story arc of the series and it established the book’s witty dialogue, distinct aesthetic, and exploration into the intersection of celebrity and superheroism. As frustratingly boring the final episode was, the murder of Retro Girl is enough to pull me back for another season.

Damn me.

Was this show worth the 20+ hours I spent watching and reviewing it? Of course not…but then, what else did I have to do at the time? ;P

Top Five Things That Disappointed Me From the Tenth Episode (from “shaking my head” to WTF???)

5. Does the actor playing Triphammer feel like a complete tool when he’s in the outfit? He’s actually not that bad when he’s out of costume…but when he’s in it…how does the rest of the cast keep a straight face?


4. Lesson for the next season – just stop showing Zora’s powers. This show needs to learn how to spend its effects budget better – I think they blew it all on Johnny Royalle’s lame teleport sound.


3. How many times did Pilgrim say fuck on this show? That might have been the majority of her dialogue…


2. Am I really going to have to deal with Calista as a central character next season? Okay…maybe I won’t be around to review Season 2…


1. That season 1 ended on a cliffhanger…I hate you John.


Was this show worth the 20+ hours I spent watching and reviewing it? Of course not…but then, what else did I have to do at the time? ;P

John: [Note: Although John and I both agreed to purchase Powers and to suffer through each episode, John has abandoned me and refuses to buy the series. That’s just lame. For each review, I’ll post this note highlighting just how lame John is. He sucks. Damn him for making me suffer through this series alone. And now, it’s even worse…since Playstation is allowing people to rent the series for FREE!]

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