Powers Episode #7 Review – “You Are Not It”


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Alek: So…I didn’t hate that episode. And at this point in the season…that’s all I’m really asking for.

Overall, the episode was watchable – it moved the plot along, there was some interesting characterization, the depiction of powers wasn’t that cheesy…and they ended it in a way that made me want to see the next episode.

…but, I still have issues with how they’ve portrayed the Walker character. He’s essentially the “hero” in this story, yet for seven episodes now he hasn’t shown one sliver of a redeeming quality. He’s a horrible cop, whose main tactic is to barge in and start screaming at a perp. (How does he not know what Sway is at this point?) He’s constantly whining about the loss of his powers…yet, in the flashback scenes, we haven’t been shown anything where the audience would think he deserves powers. In all of the “Young Diamond” scenes, Walker is a selfish prick. When Wolfe offers Walker his powers back in the prison, the scene is meant to convey this moment of weakness for Walker. And we are supposed to root for him to make the right choice. Because of how much of a self-centered ass he’s been throughout the show, it just seems inevitable that he’s going to help Wolfe. This isn’t a morality play…we already know he’s only interested in himself.

What’s unfortunate is that as they’ve continued to show how worthless Walker is, the other characters on the show are actually beginning to become interesting. The scene where Retro Girl refuses to wear her superhero costume because of how her body is analyzed by the paparazzi was actually a really thought-provoking and insightful way to play with the celebrity aspects of the show. The true goldmine of material for this show isn’t the Wolfe v. every other powers storyline, but rather it’s how these superheroes deal with the celebrity. How being revered as an actual god affects the ego and psyche of a human being.

That being said, they really are setting up Wolfe to be a force on the show. I’m enjoying Eddie Izzard’s performance, as it’s obvious he really doesn’t care and he recognizes that this show will only be seen by a few fanboys (and tortured bloggers). As we move towards the final three episodes of the series (thank god…), I’m intrigued with how they’re going to pull all of this off.

Even the Calista storyline was interesting…but that’s only because I was hoping she was going to die after taking Sway. That outcome is still on the table, right?

Top Five Things That I ENJOYED (!) From the Seventh Episode (from “whoohoo” to “Now this is why I paid 22.49”)

5. The coroner is back! Can we have an episode focused on him making sarcastic remarks at corpses for 50mins?
4. The absorption scene with Simons was well done. I think this show needs to figure out it’s budget…and how to maximize it. It was a simple effect, but it looked really good.
3. References to drunk Triphammer…but no appearance of drunk Triphammer. I want more drunk Triphammer!
2. Kudos to Under Armour for product placement on a show that appeals to people with no athletic ability. Bravo to that marketing team.
1. Only three more episodes left!

I’m enjoying Eddie Izzard’s performance, as it’s obvious he really doesn’t care and he recognizes that this show will only be seen by a few fanboys (and tortured bloggers)

John: [Note: Although John and I both agreed to purchase Powers and to suffer through each episode, John has abandoned me and refuses to buy the series. That’s just lame. For each review, I’ll post this note highlighting just how lame John is. He sucks. Damn him for making me suffer through this series alone. And now, it’s even worse…since Playstation is allowing people to rent the series for FREE!]

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