The Evolution of My Fighting Game Experience and Real-Life


John: I remember seeing Street Fighter in my local arcade when I was a kid in the 80’s. This was the original Street Fighter with two gigantic buttons. It was so awesome. The characters were throwing fireballs! I was about 10 years old and all these bigger kids and teen agers would play the game. I was way too scared to play because these guys were so much older, but it looked awesome. Later Street Fighter II came out and I started to play. I was decent; I got past the short kick / throw cheese and could pull out combos. Then Turbo came out and it was too much for me. I couldn’t keep up. Mortal Kombat had horrible mechanics, but I wanted to see the Fatalities.

So how did this translate into my childhood? I wanted to be a ninja. Seriously. I still do. (Which led to me to learning to backflips a couple years ago. Regardless of what Alek says, I did successfully landed it. Once. I fell on my head. A few times. It hurt. A lot.) So I took my martial arts training pretty seriously. Which then led to me getting my ass kicked many times. Why the fuck couldn’t I throw a fireball already? Do you know how long I meditated and watched Dragonball Z? It should be happening already!

Anyway, I’ve now trained a lot now. I’m quite dangerous. I will seriously hurt your fist with my face. And you’re going to feel really bad when I start crying. Fighting games taught me everything about being a man. I suggest playing more of them to understand how to fight and go throw down. (Edit: Please, please don’t do that. I’m an idiot.)

I’m quite dangerous. I will seriously hurt your fist with my face. And you’re going to feel really bad when I start crying.

Alek: I think John fell on his head more than a few times (I was there to witness it)…which sort of explains his post.

I’ve never been “good” at fighting games – I’m a cheap bastard that will find the most annoying way to beat you…and then repeat that same technique over and over again until you throw the controller across the room. Does it make me predictable in the game? A little bit…but you still have to figure out how to beat me. It’s not skill…it’s not talent…I’m just a sore loser myself, and I refuse to follow any sort of video game decorum if that prevents me from winning.

“Just win, baby”

How does that translate into my life? I’m an opportunist…I wouldn’t say that I always take the “easy road” but I look for the roads that will bring me the most benefit, with the least amount of effort. That’s the definition of a win for me.

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