Nintendo’s New Strategy


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You can pre-order the next-gen Nintendo NX! What is the NX? Who knows, but you can pre-order! Yes, that’s the joke going around right now, but it’s a well deserved joke at the expense of Nintendo. I’m not sure how to take this announcement. I’m really worried about Nintendo’s future. I think it’s a great idea to bring their titles and IP to smartphones. That’s a great way to make an alternate revenue stream. But that’s the problem. It’s an alternate stream, not your primary focus. I believe Nintendo has lost its way. Yes, I know the new Star Fox is coming. The Last Guardian will arrive sooner or later. More Mario is on the way. Bayonetta 2 was great. Still, I feel the lineup is weak compared to PS4 and Xbox One. You can argue it’s a matter of taste, but console sales figures at least agree with my sentiment. This definitely forced Nintendo to act, but was it the right course?

I saw no. I almost feel like this is Sega during its doomed period with the Dreamcast (which I still love and think was one of the greatest pieces of hardware and software lineups). I don’t know what the answer is and it is always easier to criticize, but this can’t be the groundbreaking news that will turn Nintendo around. Mobile gaming? Come on! I want Nintendo to succeed! I want more choice. I’m not a fanboy of any console because I want to play them all. I want more games. I want something that evokes emotion like the Last of Us did for me. I want to give Nintendo my money! I just need an excuse to hand it over gladly…

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