Should Alek Buy a Current Gen Console?


John: Yes. Your response, Alek?

Ok, let me write a little more. Why should Alek buy one? We talk about pop and nerd culture. Comics, movies, TV shows… See anything missing here? Yes, video games. Kind of a glaring omission, wouldn’t you say? Our audience (when we get one) will almost definitely skew toward gaming as well. To connect and have conversations, I think we should be able to at least know what’s going on in the video gaming world. Now why a console? I think it’s more Alek’s speed. If you know him, he won’t buy a PC or laptop for gaming. Which console? Either the Xbox One or PS4 is fine. I don’t think the Wii U is a good choice for your only console and knowing his gaming tastes, it wouldn’t suit him.

Can he buy one? Yes, Alek can afford to buy a console. Don’t what else there is to say on that one.

Does he have time to play games? No, not really. Our jobs take up almost all of our time. Neither of us have much left over for family and friends. However, I think it’s a good investment. There’s a lot to do on it. We can still find the odd time to play. And we love creating content. This is just another avenue to explore and create for.

Will you the non-existent reader get any benefit from Alek buying a console? Yes. Alek likes games. He’s on par with me with fighting games. He’s not better no matter what he may say. He doesn’t enjoy RPGs. But there is something that you, the audience, could benefit from. Livestreams of us playing games. Why you ask would you want to see a couple guys playing games barely passably? Let me tell you a story. I’m decent for an old man at FPS games. Yes, teenagers can curb stomp me, the little bastards, but Alek and some of our other friends are so bad, it’s almost unbelievable. We would hang out at one of our places and play CoD once in a while. We played local when we had friends over. Since I was much better, I handicapped myself to only a melee knife and 3 on 1 teams. Alek and the others can choose whatever weapons they wanted, any perks, etc. We were on the good ol’ Nuketown map. I didn’t cheat by looking at anyone else’s screen, but I was looking for them actively. I noticed the three of them huddled together in the middle of the map between the trucks. Now if you don’t play Call of Duty or don’t remember this map, it really doesn’t matter. The amazing thing was that I walked over to them and saw that their avatars were actually facing one another. They were having a conversation and plotting how to kill me, but actually facing each other in game. I had to look at their screens. Yes, they were looking at each other’s character faces as they talked about where I might be and how to hunt me down. I was standing about 10 meters away from them. So I walked up and stabbed one of them. I think it was our friend, Chris. I ran around the truck and decided to do run a lap and see if they would still be there. The three of them started screaming that I was right there killing them. Our female friend started screaming. Chris started shouting, “He’s here! He’s here!” Alek had the presence of mind to fire his assault rifle straight into the air making circles. In reality, this could make sense. Eventually, gravity would take over and the bullets would fall to Earth possibly striking me. In game, it looked ridiculous as you hear three people screaming, two of which spinning around in circles. You can’t make this stuff up…

No. Next topic?

Alek: No. Next topic?

Okay…maybe I should a little more justification for this. Honestly, the only reason why I haven’t purchased a next generation console is that John bugs me about it constantly. It’s actually more fun not having one…and hearing him bitch about it all the time. Since I’ll probably never be able to play given my schedule, the enjoyment that I have from frustrating John outweighs the non-existent enjoyment I will have if I end up buying a console.

I do agree with him that it does limit the range of topics on the site (sorta), so I’m starting a Kickstarter Fund for our audience to buy me a PS4. If we reach the goal, I’ll thank you all by listing off your names on the website. Sounds like a deal right? We’re all looking for personal validation by complete strangers…what better way than to have your name listed on the “honor roll” of a fledgling website for nerds?

(Just kidding…)

I may actually purchase a PS4 soon actually, as I’m a big fan of baseball games and my San Francisco Giants won last year so I need to purchase the newest version. So it wasn’t John’s cajoling that will prompt me to buy a new system, it’s my fanatical obsession with Bay Area sports.

…maybe I’ll purchase it and I just won’t tell John. ;P

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