March Madness! – Who’s your superhero starting five?


Alek: As we’re in the middle of the madness, let’s talk some hoops. Who would be your superhero starting five? (Standard basketball rules apply – you have dribble, destroying the ball isn’t allowed…meaning heat vision isn’t allowed, teleportation is considered traveling, and you have to account for the physical limitations of your players) My team: PG – The Flash, I […]

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Character Spotlight: Darkhawk (The type of hero I would have created as a kid…)


Alek: Let’s take it back to the 90’s! Darkhawk , for the uninitiated, was the alter-ego (and alter-body) of Chris Powell a teenager from Queens, NY. He found a “mysterious” amulet that transformed him into the armored hero pictured above (sidenote: I loved the Marvel Universe Handbook…it was the geek bible and was how you proved your cred to your […]

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Nintendo’s New Strategy


Check out this article first! You can pre-order the next-gen Nintendo NX! What is the NX? Who knows, but you can pre-order! Yes, that’s the joke going around right now, but it’s a well deserved joke at the expense of Nintendo. I’m not sure how to take this announcement. I’m really worried about Nintendo’s future. I think it’s a great […]

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Powers: Episode #1 Review


Check out the new Powers series online! John: I have no previous experience with the book so I went into the first episode with no expectations. I was somewhat looking forward to the show, but I was also disappointed with Halo Nightfall so I had some reservations that this would be Sony’s failed version of trying to bring a popular […]

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