Wally West is my Flash


I hate Barry Allen. And I’m not using “hate” in the way that is typically used in the over-emphatic, superficial, trolling-oriented internet social paradigm. (Of which, I’m sure both John and I have been guilty.) But I’m talking about the true hate that lives in one’s soul until you’re on your deathbed and the priest, performing Last Rites, asks you […]

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Controversy for Controversy’s Sake – Young Iceman Outed in All-New X-Men #40


Alek: Umm…what? No, seriously…what??? Before we dive into the ranting here – let me just lay down some context. I am a huge proponent of making the comic book universe more representative of the current demographic makeup of our society. Interestingly enough, I feel like comic books – given their place in the cultural totem pole – are allowed to […]

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Character Spotlight: Quasar!


Alek: Wendell Vaughn… No…seriously…Wendell Vaughn… S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy Graduate. Possessor of the Quantum Bands. And Protector of the Universe. Wendell f’ing Vaughn. Why Marvel chose to not only give Quasar the nerdiest alter-ego in the world, but to also make his one defining character trait his “lack of willpower” is beyond me. It’s almost as if Marvel was trying to make […]

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